LIMITED TIME: NPF & San Basilio Cafe Gift Set


LIMITED TIME: NPF & San Basilio Cafe Gift Set

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Available for a Limited Time.

Together with the National Parkinson FoundationSan Basilio Cafe has transformed their First Taste into an opportunity for you to help families and their loved ones have a better tomorrow.

With every purchase of the Limited Edition National Parkinson Foundation & San Basilio Gift Set, a donation will be made to support the mission of the National Parkinson Foundation. 

Your gift includes:

  • San Basilio Cafe Burlap Gift Set (in your choice of Single Serve Pod, Ground Coffee or Whole Bean)
  • National Parkinson Foundation Blue Wristband
  • Donation of 75% of the proceeds to the National Parkinson Foundation

5 Single Serve Pod: (2) Prima Dark Roast; (2) Tramonto Mild Roast; (1) Tramonto Decaffeinato
(2) 2 ounce sealed packs of Ground or Whole Bean

More Information: 

The First Taste of San Basilio Cafe is the perfect beginning to a beautiful long relationship. It is an honest dark rich roast made of 100% Premium High-Altitude coffee that remains smooth with every brew through every sip, and our First Taste lets you sample every roast from our famed Prima Dark Roast to our highly sought Tramonto Decaffeinato.  

Try for yourself for the first time or give the gift of premium quality coffee. All of our Single Serve orders will be shipped in a beautiful traditional burlap sack with 5 Single Serve of all roasts to sample. 

You can choose a First Taste in the quick and easy Single Serve package or a range of ground to whole bean style. For all of our Keurig fans, we include a complimentary Clip for everyone. Whether you have Keurig 2.0 brewer, or plan on getting one, we want to ensure that you never have to wait on enjoying your delicious San Basilio Cafe brew. 

*Not compatible with Keurig Vue. Keurig Vue, Keurig and K-Cup are all registered trademarks of the Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. San Basilio is an independent coffee roaster and has no affiliation with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.