Tramonto Medium Roast, the Sunset

Every evening “between the mountains” farmers would watch the sun hide away. It is from that cool air at sundown that our Medium-Light Roast gets its name. Literally translates into Sunset, our Tramonto is a full palette of flavor just as the sun paints the evening sky. You’ll taste the naturally sweet and slightly acidic tones with each sip of the smooth rich coffee.We roast Tramonto between light and medium to extract those natural pure high-altitude flavors.

Available in

Tramonto Ground Coffee

Espresso Ground

Finely Ground and packaged in convenient nitro filled (2.1 oz) packs. Use as much as you need for you convenience.

Tramonto Single Serve Pod

Single-Serve Pod

The only organic high-altitude slow-roasted coffee available and compatible with your Keurig K-Cup brewers.

Tramonto Whole Bean Coffee

whole bean

In its purest form, it is roasted and packed. Perfect for all of you that have a bean-to-cup machine.

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